Seascapes 5- Stuff What Mark Likes

Check out Cry Monster Cry.  I met them a few years ago when they were the special guest at our Lazy Band gig in Bewleys Theatre.  Sweet harmonies and deadly melodic ideas- these guys are looking increasingly like the real deal. Fair play to them.

They are on spotify, but check out their slick website at Cry Monster Cry- official website

Here’s a video – Cry Monster Cry- Atlas

Go see them soon, They’re excellent.

Richie and James are brothers, so that’s extra bonus well done‘s from me- I was once in a band with my bros.

Thanks Stephen and John for a great few years in music

mark and stephen

I’m glad we’re still pals 🙂

– Mark


Here’s the good news!

We’ve finally gotten the album mastered by the excellent Simon Francis.  And we’ll be releasing a single of it on the 23rd April.  In the Sugar Club on Leeson St Dublin 2.  Here’s a little video we made about it.

Seascapes 4- Coddle

Do you like coddle?  I do.

I didn’t when I was younger.  All that mass of grey, intestinal looking meat and sloppy potatoes put me right off (sorry mammy)  I seem to remember that it tasted okay, but the visuals just did not help.

In different pubs and houses over the years I’ve seen some truly horrendous looking dishes.  I’m not going to attach any of the images I just found by researching just now (for fear of insulting the owners).  But you can make a very tasty dish that…. Read More

A view from the Grey Ridge- Lager

It’s almost November and the nights are drawing in. It’s getting darker, colder and everyone is wrapped up waiting for winter to take hold. Fires are being lit, heavy coats are taken out of storage and the big decision on when to switch on the heating looms over every bill payer.
Do you know what it really means?
Yup. Lager. Read More

Scribbles 2 – Types of Irish Folk Song

Alison here again. I was lucky to see James Taylor a few weeks ago thanks to my friend Karen getting some tickets. I must confess I’m not that familiar with his work. One of the songs he played was from a musical called “Working”, to which he was a contributor. The musical was written by various people and was based on a booked called Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They DoThe song was called “Millworker”. I thought it was a lovely song and included the powerful lyric:

“Well me, I work the mills just as long as I am able, and never meet the man whose name is on the label”.

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Seascapes 3- Freedom?

MIC Project staff 2014

MIC Project staff 2014

Mark here. My head and my heart are confused. I’ve just been made redundant from a 9-5 job of nearly 14 years. I’m also a musician and and artist and an angler: jobs/pastimes that are at cross purposes with a day job. Most people working 9-5, five days a week, are probably daydreaming about what they really wish they were doing- gardening, driving, swimming, sleeping- whatever.

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A view from the Grey Ridge. Part 3.

If you are unfortunate to be cornered by a beer bore then always be grateful that we are talking about beer and not one of our other hobbies like computers, trains or which is the best Dr. Who. We tend to have interests that we are not allowed to mention in public so we, like most, turn to beer. The best way to grade your assailant is the degree of nerdiness they ramble on about. Your standard beer lover will bang on about brands of beer and which brewery are best. As the conversation turns to different regions and styles then start to worry. If you get to the point where hops are barley are mentioned you must walk away as soon as you can. Read More