Seascapes- Parental Advisory

I was wondering can any parents relate similar phenomena.

I hang out with our four year-old quite a bit with the wife being a busy college bee and festival guru. So we do all sorts of things to pass the day.


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Seascapes From A Grey Ridge- Pubs

This is a collaboration of Mark and Joeby’s blogs


We were having a yap in a pub the other day and we got talking about things we’re good at.  In the band we’re good at singing, the drums rock and the fiddle playing is amazing.  We’re good at writing, at pub quizzes and fishing (well, pollack fishing at the very least). We also came to the conclusion that we’re good at drinking beer.  The evidence of this is, we once won a battle of the bands by drinking loads of beer. You see, buying a beer got you a voting slip and despite being outsupported 4-1 by the other acts, we Read More

Seascapes 7- Things I’ve learned On The Road

I’m a non driver, but I gig a lot around the country.  My bandmates or one of our friends usually drive us- for which I am forever grateful.  Here’s a list of things I’ve learned about driving on tour.

  1.  Audi and BMW drivers are allowed to use the bus lanes at all times (seemingly)
  2. The later you are for a gig, the slower the traffic will be. Fact.
  3. In rural parts, worsening weather and road conditions make the locals go faster
  4. When driving home from a gig your previously under-control bladder will start shouting at you on the bleakest part of the motorway in the lashings of rain, miles from civilization Read More

Seascapes 6- Sciencefictianado

I was clearing out a load of dvd’s from our library the other day and it got me thinking that I don’t really look at dvd’s anymore. Netflix and youtube amongst others have changed my channels (pun intended) of home entertainment.

I am keeping a few dvd’s for nostalgia/rareness sake though! 🙂

It also got me thinking about the amount of quality science fiction I’ve seen in the last couple of years, both movies and series.  I have endevoured to NOT include science-fantasy or horror cross-overs in this.  They’d be separate lists!

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Seascapes 5- Stuff What Mark Likes

Check out Cry Monster Cry.  I met them a few years ago when they were the special guest at our Lazy Band gig in Bewleys Theatre.  Sweet harmonies and deadly melodic ideas- these guys are looking increasingly like the real deal. Fair play to them.

They are on spotify, but check out their slick website at Cry Monster Cry- official website

Here’s a video – Cry Monster Cry- Atlas

Go see them soon, They’re excellent.

Richie and James are brothers, so that’s extra bonus well done‘s from me- I was once in a band with my bros.

Thanks Stephen and John for a great few years in music

mark and stephen

I’m glad we’re still pals 🙂

– Mark

Seascapes 4- Coddle

Do you like coddle?  I do.

I didn’t when I was younger.  All that mass of grey, intestinal looking meat and sloppy potatoes put me right off (sorry mammy)  I seem to remember that it tasted okay, but the visuals just did not help.

In different pubs and houses over the years I’ve seen some truly horrendous looking dishes.  I’m not going to attach any of the images I just found by researching just now (for fear of insulting the owners).  But you can make a very tasty dish that…. Read More

Seascapes 3- Freedom?

MIC Project staff 2014

MIC Project staff 2014

Mark here. My head and my heart are confused. I’ve just been made redundant from a 9-5 job of nearly 14 years. I’m also a musician and and artist and an angler: jobs/pastimes that are at cross purposes with a day job. Most people working 9-5, five days a week, are probably daydreaming about what they really wish they were doing- gardening, driving, swimming, sleeping- whatever.

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Seascapes 2- Vamps

I love film noir, It’s self-contained, damp and seedy world of half truths, deception, dangerous dialogue and low-key lighting, separate it from the realism of the modern world.  One in which most cinema is HD filled with total visual information. In noir, the viewer is expected to fill in blanks, make connections and judge characters on their actions in the now. A type of interactive visual media which needed the audience to complete the illusion.

The main components of the genre seem to be: An antihero (flawed, but attractive), a femme fatale (my Vamp, an amoral and manipulative stunner) and a complicated, double-crossing plot with sharp dialogue set in a violent world. Grim sets and oppressive lighting completed the task.

Just a note on where the word ‘vamp’ came from-

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