Seascapes 6- Sciencefictianado

I was clearing out a load of dvd’s from our library the other day and it got me thinking that I don’t really look at dvd’s anymore. Netflix and youtube amongst others have changed my channels (pun intended) of home entertainment.

I am keeping a few dvd’s for nostalgia/rareness sake though! 🙂

It also got me thinking about the amount of quality science fiction I’ve seen in the last couple of years, both movies and series.  I have endevoured to NOT include science-fantasy or horror cross-overs in this.  They’d be separate lists!

Here’s my top 6 movies and Top 7 series*

Super 8- (Dir: J Abrahms)  Produced by Speilberg, has all the trademark Speilberg ingredients of the feelgood, kids-save-the-world films of the 80’s. Brought me right back.  Thoroughly enjoyable. Abrahms constant lens flare irritated me a bit though.

Equilibrium- Dark and moody futuristic actioner film about the government keeping the populace subdued through drugs.  There’s probably better descriptions of it than mine. Google it 🙂 Christian Bale, Sean Pertwe and Sean Bean are always worth watching.

Grabbers-  I loved this one.  Irish Alien monster flick.  I was worried it might be horrendous, but it was brilliant.  Snappy dialogue, likeable cast, easy to suspend the disbelief.

Primer-  I think I’ll watch this one again.  I really liked it, but I don’t quite know what happened.  Time travel is weird, man. It’s very good, but it’s very strange.

Bounty Killers–  SOmetimes I like leaving my brain at the door,  this is one of those times.  Directed by Henry Saine (who channels plenty of Robert Rodriguez) it’s a post apocolyptic corporate government type of beast, with sexy bounty hunters who are the reality celebs of the day.  Anyway- I liked it.

Serenity– I almost typed in Firefly just then.  So this is, practically, the end of the first (scuppered) season of Firefly, Joss Whedon’s matyred series.  A Space Western with Nathan Fillion (from Castle) leading a great and weird bunch of folk on a Han Solo/Millenium Falcon like smuggling adventure.  I mourn the loss of this series like the beautiful girl that nearly kissed me, that summer in London in my fifteenth year.

SERIES- I’m not going to waffle on about these too much

Battlestar Galactica– not new- but I’ve never experienced anything as intense as those first few episodes with the fleet on the run from the cylons- amazing telly for sci-fi.

Stargate universe– I tried filling the void left by Battlestar with this.  I don’t like the other Stargates.  I like this.

Jericho– Post nuclear holocaust scenario.  Second series played out weakly, but some good stuff in there.

Continuum– still watching this.  She sure is pretty.  The storyline’s interesting, the young lad from Jericho is in it. More time Travel.

Fringe– This woud be number 2 on my list. I think Battlestar beats it as an epic story.  John Noble steals every scene from a bunch of really good actors.  And he keeps this up for 5 seasons! excellent.  All sub genres of sci fi rolled into one x files type beast.

FireFly- See Serenity above- The short lived (most-of-a-)series by Joss Whedon.

Orphan Black-  Future Clone conspiracy.  Tatiana Maslany plays multiple versions of herself in this conspiracy thriller series.  She’s so good at it, that I’ve often forgotten it’s the same actor in all the roles. Deep and tangled web of a plot. excellent.

*That I can remember watching.  I’ve seen a lot of movies the last year.

Obviously, I haven’t seen everything ever made, so feel free to tell me about other series or movies.




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