A View From The Grey Ridge – Commuter Love

Recently I have moved house (relocating The Grey Ridge) and have had to start using the bus on a daily basis. It’s the first one of the morning and two stops from the terminus so there is always an ample amount of seats to choose from.
Or is there?
It’s hard to spot, but there is an unwritten agreement from everyone that determines the seating plan. After trial and error I now have my seat which coincidently is the best position to see where other passengers have their preference.
From my place I know that the African lady, although first on the bus, sits on the fold out seats. The Russian couple always head to the first higher ones near the back across from their two friends who they tend to ignore once on the bus. Supervalu woman sits in front of the Russians and so on.
There is also Gym girl who always wears her kit on the bus and takes up two seats with her gym, work and handbags. As she stands up to get off she, for want of a better word, hoiks up the back of her leggings giving us commuters no doubt we’ll be seeing that sight for some time to come.
Anywho, I’m digressing.
My seat is at the back of the bus on the left hand side. It’s a lovely little spot to view the morning struggle to work from.
There are rules to sitting here though.
I can be explained in the form of music notes.
At the back there are five forward (C to E) and four backward (C# to G#) facing seats. I have position C and the far side from me is G. As the bus fills up the correct filling of the seats should be C,G,E,D# and F#.
Any waver from this causes all sorts of awkwardness.
If all seats a full and the bus starts to clear then if you find yourself in the minor seat (D#) then it is correct to move over to E changing a major chord and dispersing the melancholy of the journey.
Try it. If you move back and forth from the two seats you can feel other passengers getting upset.
I now have to get to the awkward situation on seat D.
It’s very un-nerving to have anyone in this place. If when the bus clears and you are left with two of ye on the back row on C and D then D should be obliged to move. Even if there is someone in F# you are not allowed to claim that D7th is happening.

On a long trip sitting this close to someone on an empty bus can be odd.
In conclusion everyone should be aware that when travelling there is a harmony that, once recognised, will make every journey as pleasant as can be.



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