Welcome to our mountain!

This here’s the online abode of the boys and girls from the Blood Red Mountain Band.  We’ll post the latest band news, tour dates and the deepest, weirdest thoughts from the workings of their minds :).  So as well as the machinations of being in a savage country band, you’ll also get episodic musings from Mark, Sarah May, Ali, Joeby and Dave on subjects they hold dear- like toasted sandwiches and snare sounds!

So please enjoy the mini-blogs contained within

Scribbles- Alison Byrne

View from the Grey Ridge- Joeby Browne

Seascapes- Mark Flynn

Roger’s Rambles- Sarah May Rogers

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Seascapes- Parental Advisory

I was wondering can any parents relate similar phenomena.

I hang out with our four year-old quite a bit with the wife being a busy college bee and festival guru. So we do all sorts of things to pass the day.


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Seascapes From A Grey Ridge- Pubs

This is a collaboration of Mark and Joeby’s blogs


We were having a yap in a pub the other day and we got talking about things we’re good at.  In the band we’re good at singing, the drums rock and the fiddle playing is amazing.  We’re good at writing, at pub quizzes and fishing (well, pollack fishing at the very least). We also came to the conclusion that we’re good at drinking beer.  The evidence of this is, we once won a battle of the bands by drinking loads of beer. You see, buying a beer got you a voting slip and despite being outsupported 4-1 by the other acts, we Read More

Seascapes 7- Things I’ve learned On The Road

I’m a non driver, but I gig a lot around the country.  My bandmates or one of our friends usually drive us- for which I am forever grateful.  Here’s a list of things I’ve learned about driving on tour.

  1.  Audi and BMW drivers are allowed to use the bus lanes at all times (seemingly)
  2. The later you are for a gig, the slower the traffic will be. Fact.
  3. In rural parts, worsening weather and road conditions make the locals go faster
  4. When driving home from a gig your previously under-control bladder will start shouting at you on the bleakest part of the motorway in the lashings of rain, miles from civilization Read More

FAR FROM DAYLIGHT available now on iTunes

We had such a good week- played a show Whelan’s to launch our album.  Luke was great on the sound, Enda Roche, our erstwhile super sub, did the lights and the audience where absolutely amazing. Thanks to Ye vagabonds for opening for us. It was a real pleasure once again to have Chris O Sullivan join us on keys, he’ll be back with us in the springtime for a tour of sorts.

In the meantime we’re doing a whistlestop tour of the 32 counties on the island- starting with Ballyleague and Lanesborough (Co Roscommon and Longford) on 10/11th Oct.  We’re in the cafe sessions in Chapter One cafe, Cavan town on the 22nd followed by Bray on the 24th.  And then all the other counties!

You can get the album here


Its also on google play and spotify and we have a heap of hardcopies you can get from us at our shows

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Seascapes 6- Sciencefictianado

I was clearing out a load of dvd’s from our library the other day and it got me thinking that I don’t really look at dvd’s anymore. Netflix and youtube amongst others have changed my channels (pun intended) of home entertainment.

I am keeping a few dvd’s for nostalgia/rareness sake though! 🙂

It also got me thinking about the amount of quality science fiction I’ve seen in the last couple of years, both movies and series.  I have endevoured to NOT include science-fantasy or horror cross-overs in this.  They’d be separate lists!

Here’s my top 6 movies and Top 7 series* Read More